Heart Arrow Hot August Dental Month!

August, 2017


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In addition to providing regular dental examinations for your pets, you can take steps at home to ensure good oral health:

  • Brush your pet’s teeth with a specially formulated tooth-paste in flavors appealing to dogs and cats. Toothpaste for humans should not be used because it can cause stomach upset in pets.
  • Ask your veterinarian to suggest nutritional supplements and a regular teeth brushing schedule or a specially formulated food proven to help remove plaque and tarter from your pet’s teeth.


What Will The Dog Eat Next?

Here’s a list of just a few of the items that have been removed surgically from the gastrointestinal tracts of our canine companions: a teddy bear nose, bits of plastic, a baby bottle nipple, sewing needles, doggy chew toys, children’s toys, rocks, bones, and more bones!

Puppies are the most notorious for swallowing inappropriate objects, but occasionally an adult dog or cat will also partake in the vice. For any pet that has an upset stomach and vomiting, a foreign object in the stomach or intestines is suspected. X-rays can often help identify the object, or if the object itself cannot be seen, there may be other x-ray signs of the possibility of a foreign object.

If you see your pet eat something or suspect he has eaten something he shouldn’t, or he is vomiting call us immediately to schedule an exam.


Halitosis is an offensive breath odor that is not normal in any pet’s mouth. In fact, halitosis can indicate dental disease in your pet. As with humans, dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall health. Over time, tartar can accumulate on your pet’s teeth, and gingivitis may occur. This is a sign that periodontal disease is present. Left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, severe gum infections, and ulcers within the mouth. Periodontal disease can also have ramifications on the heart and other internal organs. If you notice halitosis, drooling, or bleeding gums in your pet, call us to schedule your pet for a dental checkup.

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Heart Arrow Veterinary Service will be closed Saturday, September 2 through Monday, September 4.

If you have an emergency, please call Pet Emergency Clinic at 326-6670.