December Heart Arrow Pet-Pourri

Home for the holidays! Give your pet the gift of a microchip!

 A family pet is lost every two seconds.  That’s millions of pets every year!  Identifying your pet is vital to their recovery when they have wandered from home.  Collars with tags are a great means of identification, but can be removed, inadvertently fall off, or become worn and unreadable.  Technology has allowed us to permanently identify your pet with a tiny microchip placed under the skin.  A personal identification number in a computer database allows you to be contacted when your pet’s number is scanned.  This global recovery network has saved millions of lost pets, and can allow you to have peace of mind.  Previously we reunited a lost cat with her owner using a microchip ID after eight years of separation!  Contact us at 924-4558 if you would like a microchip placed in your pet.


35% OFF Throughout DECEMBER!!

This special includes AVID Microchip placement in your pet and lifetime registration




    Q: Who delivers Christmas presents to dogs?       

A: Santa Paws

 Q: Who delivers Christmas presents to cats?

 A: Santa Claws!

Cold Weather Reminders:

  • Remember to give outdoor pets more food in winter
  • Remember to provide adequate shelter for outdoor pets
  • Remember to keep fresh, unfrozen water available
  • Remember to store antifreeze in a safe place and clean up spills immediately
  • Remember many holiday plants are poisonous
  • Remember to play with your pet every day

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The Staff at Heart Arrow Veterinary Service

     wishes you and all your family members  the happiest,

safest, and healthiest holiday season ever!


To allow our staff to celebrate the  holidays with their families,

the following adjusted  clinic hours will be:

Closed December 23, 24, & 25

Closed Dec. 30, 31 & Jan. 1


Dr. Pat  Dr. Megan  Dr. Joan  Marlene 

Cheryl  Heather  Mollie  

Alex  Annabele  Emily  Wanda 


It will be over soon!               


Thank you everyone for your

patience as the Heart Arrow clinic undergoes much needed renovation.