The Advantages of Loving a Senior Pet

Just like a fine wine, pets only get better with age. Which is why we are so excited that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Unfortunately, senior pets are typically the last to be adopted. For example, senior dogs are adopted 35% less often than younger dogs and puppies. Older pets may have a few years on their younger counterparts, but they are just as loveable, cute, and loyal! In fact, a senior pet may even be more suitable to your lifestyle.

Senior pets just need someone to give them a second chance and a loving home! Not to mention, there are quite a few overlooked advantages to adopting an older pet.

  1. From the onset, senior pets are already set in their ways with their own personalities. So, you can likely find a senior who has all of the personality traits you’re looking for.  
  2. Older pets have likely grown out of their childish habits like teething, accidents in the house and destructive behavior, and therefore don’t require constant monitoring or training.
  3. Mature pets are more likely to settle into a home quicker as they often have past experience living in homes among people and other pets.
  4. Though the saying is “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” older pets are completely capable of learning new skills! Some may already have basic training or know commands like “sit” or “down.”

At the ASPCA, we love any and all animals no matter the breed, size, or age. Every animal deserves a kind and loving home. If you are looking to add a furry friend into your family, consider leaving your expectations behind and opening your home, arms and heart to a senior pet!

~At Heart Arrow We Love Pets~

Thanks to ASPCA for portions of this article